Our achievements

We are extremely grateful to the many people who have helped us, either at events, by donating money or by raising funds – however large or small the amount, it is all greatly appreciated.  Both TWIGS and The Olive Tree Café are incredibly special places and we want to help keep them that way.

Since we were set up in 2007, Friends of Twigs has raised over £500,000 for Twigs and the Olive Tree Café (which we helped to set up in 2011).

We have helped to pay for the Olive Tree van, additional staff support, IT, drainage work, security fencing, heating systems,

as well as the structures you see in the gardens – the garden studio, the summerhouse, pergolas, the fishpond,

chicken coop  and kitchen equipment and many ‘extras’ – tools, plants, livestock, café aprons…the list goes on.  

People at both TWIGS and the Olive Tree have benefited from certificated training programmes in gardening and catering skills; Friends of Twigs pays the OCNCredit4Learning membership fee.

We helped establish the Kitchen Garden at the café and the Dementia Gardening programme at Twigs.